The fast-paced digital era has made the kind of banking method to person uses very important because it determines how quickly customers will have access to their funds.

How fast a bank transfer goes beyond convenience, it is about meeting individuals’ and businesses’ urgent financial needs.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the extensive comparison of some the top prominent banking methods to determine which of them offers a fast withdrawal that is hassle-free.


  1. CHAPS (Clearing House Automated Payment System)

This payment method originated in the UK and is well known for having a same-day payment delivery. It is mostly used for high-value transactions and because of how fast it is, it is highly regarded as a great option for many businesses and individuals that are looking for quick transactions. The only downside is that the speed comes at a cost. CHAPS transaction is quite expensive compared to other banking methods. The whole idea is to allow users to choose speed even with a high transaction fee.

  • BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing Services)

This is also a UK-based system that is renowned for being the backbone of the country’s banking transactions for ages. It offers a reliable way of transferring funds however, it takes at least 3 days before the funds will clear. It is majorly used for regular or scheduled payments like salaries and direct debits where the individual or business is not really concerned with the timing of the transaction.

  • SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)

SWIFT is known to also offer an effective banking method that is seamless and hassle-free, as the name implies. It operates on a global scale and was established as an international messaging system because it easily allows cross-border transactions between banks in different countries around the world.

Though it covers a large area, how fast the transaction clears depends on factors like intermediary banks, time zones, and country-specific regulations. But it is a great choice for international banking.

  • Faster Payments

Faster Payments has been living up to its name by delivering services that are meant for immediate transactions.

It is also UK-based and has become a top method for fast transfers with a processing time of within a few hours. If you are splitting a dinner bill or need to urgently pay an invoice, Faster Payment makes it quick and seamless.


Even though each of the banking methods has its advantages, if you’re looking for speed, CHAPS and Faster Payments are the best options, while SWIFT is important for cross-border transactions though the processing time may vary.

As the world is evolving towards instant gratification, the banking industry will also need to catch up, especially with the rapid development of fintech solutions and digital banking platforms, it is only a matter of time before transactions become super-fast and seamless globally

This is why understanding the right payment method will help you make decisions that are tailored to your immediate needs.